July 13, 2024

Frank Lloyd Wright Teater’s Knoll Tour 2022


On June 11th HVHS will sponsor a tour of Teater’s Knoll, which is the Archie B. Teater Studio designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Teater’s Knoll is the only building designed by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the state of Idaho. Teater’s Knoll, which is located on the edge of the Snake River also happens to be the only artist studio Wright designed that was actually built. Archie Teater (1901–1978), an Idaho native, was a prolific painter whose impressionistic landscape images and history paintings documented his experience of Idaho and the American West. New in the tour this year is a recently completed Japanese-style garden (picture right above) made from the same Oakley stone as the house. Henry Whiting, who is the owner of Teater’s Knoll, has graciously opened his home for this fund raiser for the the HVHS new building fund. Click here for more historical information of Teater’s Knoll.

Tour Times

Tour 1- 11:00
Tour 2- 12:30
Tour 3- 2:00
Tour 4- 3:15

Tours will begin at the Hagerman Senior Center, 140 East Lake Street, Hagerman. Transportation will be provided to and from Teater’s Knoll as there is no parking available at the site.


An Idaho home-style dinner will be provided to all participants. The meal will be served in the Hagerman Senior Center.


Tickets are $80 for general public and $65 for members of Hagerman Valley Historical Society.

Please consider becoming a member. You can learn more and get the membership form here. Bring the form along with a check for your membership on June 11th when you sign in for the Teater’s Knoll Tour.

Questions: Darlene Nemnich 208-850-9996